WELCOME TO MY WORLD by Chris Gibbany

Sometimes I think I must live in an insane asylum. The crazy shit that happens to me and the even crazier shit that people say to me. It boggles my mind so much that some days I am just blown away by the stupidity of people that I can’t get anything done. Everywhere I go I realize we have a generation of brainwashed people. I guess when it boils down though, even through all the layers of bullshit, I am still living my life my way.

I was in a thrift store the other day, buying enough stuff that would require me to make two trips out to my vehicle.  Before I paid, and before I could even grab my first load, an old lady wearing a mask yelled “Are you done?!!!”.  I just looked at her and said “I’m still here ain’t I?” As I grabbed my first armful, she took my other stuff and started putting it into a cart. As I was walking out the door with my arms full, she hollered “You forgot this!”.  I looked back and yelled “I have to make two trips, like I said while ago”.  Man, people are freaking psychos!