Handmade Lot Sturgis 2019

Check out the Handmade Lot Sturgis 2019 - I was fortunate enough to catch the first incarnation of The Handmade Lot, a collective of builders and craftsmen in Sturgis this past year, hopefully, the first of many more to come. The Handmade Lot and the pre-eighties chopper show were brought to you by Bill Dodge of Bling’s Cycle and Chris Callen of Cycle Source Magazine. This year they only held the chopper one day, but I believe if the rumors are true, they plan on rounding up more even more craftsmen to create something similar to the Born-Free show. If this is the case, I sure hope I can be a part of it next year. Click here for the full story: http://www.renegade-magazine.com/issue-41/issue_41.html#42-43/z