FINNALY! The Long awaited 40th issue of Renegade!

The long awaited 40th issue of Renegade Magazine is now Available!

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I know, I know... it's been a long time since my last issue of Renegade, hopefully it will have been worth the wait!  
I have been pretty much off the grid for the past year or more focusing more on my new artistic endeavor, the Church of Chop traveling gallery! I have been working my ass off on producing a bunch of custom art, and putting together a collection of my photography, plus producing several other products from my own personal art, such as t-shirts, tapestries, and more to prepare for my new adventure into the vending world. I have already been following my beautiful girlfriend around this awesome country of ours country for the past three or more years helping her with her business Jennifer's Web, she sells ladies apparel and accessories at most of the major bike rallies all across the country every year. So I have had a real crash course in the traveling vending game.  I thought I can do this, like so many before me who have tried and failed. Starting any business is tough and risky, I believe I have something to offer that no one else has or can imitate!  Not since the early days of biker rallies have there been very many making and selling their own art or original designs. Like most everything else in this world, greed killed off all the original creative people who created their own t-shirt designs or made their own jewelry or other creative items.

So I've kind of been keeping a low profile as I have been planning my attack and working my ass of to get to this point. I have spent the past several months building the coolest booth that will be at any biker rally anywhere! Instead of using metal grid like everyone else does I decided to build wooden walls to give my booth that rustic look and really help showcase my art. Now as I said I gave all of this a lot of thought... I made my walls in panels, the same size as grid so it goes up just as easy as grid but looks way cooler! Of course  it's not perfect, the wood panels are much more bulky and take up more room in the trailer, but they are lighter by a little bit anyway. 

At the same time I have also been working on all kinds of art projects for my Renegade gallery, everything from industrial pipe lamps and metal art to t-shirt designs.

I just finished with my very first outing with my whole 20x20 booth filled with my own custom made art at this years Cave Creek Bike week rally! It was a huge success! I couldn't be happier! Everybody loved my booth, and many were just blown away by it!  But most importantly I was able to sell my custom made lamps and other art for a good profit! Finally after a life time of living the starving life, I've finally fully come into my own, and getting some appreciation for my work as an artist.

Have no fear! Renegade magazine has been my main creative outlet for many years and it will continue to be one of my creative outlets, and I plan on putting more effort into it this year with four new issues a year.

In this issue there are some awesome spreads on Born Free 10 show, Michael Lichter's Art of the motorcycle exhibit, the Upsweep Chopper Show, my las Sturgis Rat Rod Invasion show and an artist feature on Vaughn Belak.

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Hope you enjoy it!

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