The Ride from Brumunddal

The ride from Brumunddal… For those that haven’t been to Norway in February, it’s just a little too cold for a bike ride. This 1928 Harley Davidson JD 74 cubic inch motor witha 1951 Steib (German) sidecar, was originally shipped to Norway in 1928 was purchased in Brumunddal Norway in February 2004 and paid for by my good friend Svein Rolfstad. If you haven’t head of Svin, he’s a top-fuel motorcycle racer in Norway (He’s the fastest man in Europe). Some people would accuse him of being a little touched, after watching him race, which is where I’m going with this. From Brumunddal to Svein’s house is 13 miles in a straight line, the only problem is there’s lake Mjosa (Norway’s biggest lake).

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