Atomic Boogie - Slung A Rod CD Review

Atomic Boogie - Slung A Rod!
Hot damn it’s time to Boogie! Boogie Woogie all night long!
When I first slipped this disk into my cd player it was like I had
just slammed down four cans of Red Bull, and chased thewhite
lines! The engines was revving and the world was going
by at a blur, before I knew it I had totally forgot where I was
going and I didn’t care, I was just grooving to Atomic Boogies,
new disk “Slung A Rod”.
This three piece band sure can thump out some kickin’
tunes, with songs like Slung A Rod & ‘67 Ford Mustang, you
can tell they have a love for fast cars and faster women!
Hot rods, whiskey, wild women, honky tonks, dive bars and
Atomic Boogie go together like Jack & Coke.
This disk has you rocking from beginning to end with fast
paced rockers like the title track “Slung A Rod” to some kickin’
& grovin’ blues tunes like Broken Hearted Blues King Catfish.
Chad’s thumping bass along with the sweet twang of
John’s amazing guitar and Steve on the drums, these guys
just make you want to get up grab your woman, or someone
else’s girl and shake your ass on the dance floor, or wherever
you may be!
So next time you’re out cruising around on your scoot or
rumbling around in your mean hot rod, and you see Atomic
Boogie on the marquee of some little out of the way dive bar,
slam on the breaks and head inside for a cold beer, a hot
woman and boogie down!
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